3 Critical Components to Crushing Your Goals

If we could survive on intentions and desire alone, everyone would feel & look exactly like they wish. However, there are factors that create success that go far beyond simply wanting it.


Jim Rohn quote
* Good intentions are very different from being INTENTIONAL *
Travel, daily routine, life’s stressors, life’s celebrations, and the weather are all examples of external factors that impact our ability to be intentional.
For example, if you are on vacation and intend to eat well and exercise while you are on the road, how do you establish a plan to make it happen? You could research the hotel gym, local restaurants, locate the nearest grocery stores, bring your healthy snacks, and stock up on water.
Or you could just pack some gym clothes & hope that you fit in a workout.
* Create inner stability organically *
So much of our inconsistency and instability comes from when we are relying on external factors instead of building a foundation from within ourselves. Going to the gym with a friend is fun, but what if the friend cancels? What if you have a tough day at work and you are just too stressed to make it to the gym? Maybe the new summer schedule is throwing you off. These are external factors that we are all exposed to. Our intentions have to be fulfilled from our internal discipline.
* Stop treating your body like a rental car or a hotel room *
When you rent a car, you don’t go out and get it waxed before you turn it in. Do you leave your hotel room spick and span? It’s the only body you have. Own it, wax it, maintain it, take care of it. I was taught when you borrow something; you give it back better than you found it. Strive to leave your space better than when you got here.
Practice being somebody who does what you intend to do. Work to be your best, regardless of the ever-changing variables that surround you.

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