3 Reasons Why Waiting for a Health Scare is A Bad Idea

Why do you think people often wait until a big health scare to make changes in their life?

I waited. I worked that corporate, road warrior, high stress, fast paced job.  I came home each night to find my relaxation in several glasses of wine and American Idol.

I would wake up each morning and make a promise to myself that I would not have wine that night and I would come home and exercise instead. This was my life – day in and day out.

It wasn’t until I had my health scare that I began to change my habits.

  •  You don’t really understand how it feels to feel great until you do the things that make you feel great.  Like eating clean, whole foods, prioritizing sleep and doing activity for your body everyday.  I never knew how awesome it felt to wake up and go to the gym or go for a run.  I never knew how much energy I was missing out on by eating real food that didn’t put me into a coma every afternoon.  We get trapped into what is common and we don’t realize it is not normal!

Of course, it’s often met with challenge. People question why you aren’t having a drink or why you aren’t eating that appetizer.  In an industry that was driven by air travel, 5 course dinners and trade show halls with few healthy options, this was a challenging place to express myself with the new healthy lifestyle.

As the years passed, I would see people suddenly appear 20 pounds thinner or see them without a drink in hand because they wanted to go to the gym the next morning.  It was almost always associated with some type of health awareness.  However, I would also see them drift back up to their old weight the minute they were “comfortable” and not scared anymore.

At the office, we had more ambulance pick ups in our parking lot at work than I could have ever imagined.  Literally, we would all stand around saying “who is it this time?”  That person would either pop up in their special smoking section of the building within the next few days OR they would disappear from that smoking section.  Most often is was a temporary disappearance.

I felt like I was on an island.

 Jim Rohn quote

  • Waiting for your doctor to approve or not of a healthy change is a betting game with poor odds.  Your Doctor is a human being.   He is trained in addressing symptoms & prescribing medications.  He sees hundreds of patients in a week.  Those cute little reps you see in the doctors offices with their roller bags and donuts are not there getting a check up!  They are ensuring the doctors are writing THEIR company’s script.  Trust me, their relationship with their pharmaceutical rep is likely more solid than your doctor has with you.   It’s easy to say “well my doctor told me I am all good”.  What did your body tell you?  It’s time we stop using our doctors as the excuse to stay in bad health.  Just because your doctor doesn’t put you on a nutrition plan does not mean your body isn’t begging for one!!  People, we are either taking years off of our life or, even worse, we are adding more years full of disease to our lives.  

Everyone knows sugar is bad for you, just like smoking and doing drugs.  Putting chemicals in your body through processed foods and beauty products is poisoning you!  That’s all there is to it.  Waiting for someone to instruct you to either keep doing what your doing, but “here’s your prescription” or to tell you everything is ok is negligent on your part.  Own your health!

  • Not waiting for a scare will give you a head start on your road to living young!  What differentiates that 96 year old that still jogs everyday from the 80 year old that can’t leave the house for lack of mobility?  THEY DO!  My father should be active.  He had the capacity to have completely changed his outcome.  He waited.  And waited.  And now he uses a wheel chair because he has no strength to walk himself around even with his walker.  He lives with his 17  types of medications per day.  Each one causing a negative effect on the other.  He sleeps most of the time.  I don’t know about you, but I am that 96 year old who is still running!

Ok I am stepping down quietly from my soap box, but truly – there is no time to improve ourselves like today.  This.very.moment.



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