5 Reasons You Are Healthier Than The Guy Next To You

Every morning when we get out of bed, we begin our battle against the enemies of our environment.


Starting with the water riddled with pharmaceuticals, arsenic, fluoride, endocrine disrupters, etc. that hits your skin (your body’s largest organ) in the shower.


You turn on the news only to be exposed to the stress of politics, horrific news of the world, and useless information.


Walk into the kitchen to choose your possible options. Most of which have some sort of pesticide or herbicide content, BPA exposure, processed chemicals, gluten, dairy, or other inflammatory foods that came from mineral deficient soil.


You leave the house and are hit with the stress of traffic, the antigens in the air, bugs, fungus, bacteria!!!! UGH!!


But, what differentiates the people who get sick and the next guy who stays healthy through much of the same daily exposures?




Person A  has a suit of armor! They are fit, they move, they stimulate their lymphatic system, they get their blood moving.  They are strong and build muscle. They are body aware. They prioritize sleep. They relieve stress in a healthy way. They are the ones in the gym, the yoga pose, the health food store.   They surround themselves by positive peers. They protect their troops. They train. Even when they are being shot at, they are able to rebuild their army with the positive benefits of nutrition and exercise and stress management.


Person B dabbles with commitment. They do things daily that compromise their front line of men. They are consistently being struck and their troops are falling. They do not have the ability to replace their soldiers because they are not putting in enough of the good stuff. They are the ones that don’t show up for their training. They go out into the world without their gear. They are compromising their kingdom every time they leave a gap for the enemy to get in.


5 Ways to Keep Your Army Strong


1***Sleep.  Sleep is not emphasized enough in our world.  People often boast of needing only a few hours of sleep.  But, this is a killer.  Sleep is EVERYTHING when it comes to healing your body.  It is the time when our bodies recover from the catabolic effects of the day.  It is the time when our hormones are doing their thing.  Our bodies are rebuilding.  It is imperative for weight management, metabolic functions, blood sugar regulation, and hormone balance, to name a few things.

Person A gets lots of quality sleep.  They take epsom salt baths and participate in a ritual before bedtime in order to wind down.  They shut off electronics an hour before bedtime.  Their bedroom is designed like a sleep cave with darkness and cold temperature.

Person B skimps on sleep, and when they do sleep, it lacks quality.  Filled with caffeine from their afternoon Joe, blue light from their evening use of devices, and mental anguish from the thoughts of their dreadful day.

2***Stress.  Stress is not a badge of honor like many people would like you to think.  You know the type “oh my gosh, I am soooooo stressed!” Stress does not define effectiveness.  In fact, it is a catalyst to a decline in human performance and function.  Stress will literally kill you.  People dramatically underestimate the role of stress in disease, hormone balance, mental health, and pretty much any other harmful impact to the body.  Stress can come in many forms.  Pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and fungus.  Mental stress like divorce or work problems.  Physical stress on the body from over exercising or possibly injury.  Environmental stress like toxins & exposure to chemicals.  Finally, stress can be hidden inside the body and revealed through symptoms like joint pain, stomach upset, fatigue, etc.

Person A responds to stress with respect.  They acknowledge it, but perceive it as a normal part of life and recognize their control or lack of control over managing it.  They practice mindful breathing, meditation, and other healing activities to offset the impact of daily stressors.  They nurture their bodies with nutrition, activity, supplements, self-care and healthy relationships.  They practice gratitude and focus on the things they do have vs. the things they don’t.

Person B responds to stress with anxiety and extreme drama.  They expose themselves to the news and put themselves in a position of perceived trauma even if it has nothing to do with them.  They overreact to everything.  They think the more busy they are, the more they are viewed as important.  They are too busy to eat well or exercise or practice any type of restorative therapy to their body.  They focus on negative thoughts and they are continually practicing tragedy by imagining the worst of the worst in every situation.


3***Diet.  Nutrition is of the utmost importance.  More so now than ever as our food is much different than the food sources of the past.  We must look for the best quality foods and focus on organics and food that is not riddled with chemicals and anti-nutrients.

Person A shops for the cleanest, most natural form of food.  They avoid processed food and foods found in a box or package or full of sugar.  They are keen on sourcing their fish and meats from sustainable & humane sources.  They plan for situations where there are not good options and have alternative choices accessible.

Person B is not attentive to what’s in their food.   They eat for convenience and habit and according to whatever situation they are in.  They do not plan ahead or prepare.  They live to eat vs. eat to live.


4***Exercise.  Movement is key to being the healthy guy.  The benefits of exercise are extensive.

Person A makes time in their day for movement.  Exercise is a non-negotiable, like brushing their teeth.  They find time, no matter how busy or overloaded they find themselves.  They immediately feel the benefit of exercise and rely on it for managing a balanced life.

Person B makes excuses.  They find themselves swearing they will start Monday.  They are too busy to fit it into their schedule, but they will find plenty of time to surf the internet or participate on social media daily.  They know it is important for their heart and health, but they have a hard time getting started.


5***Supplementation.  Supplements get an interesting rap.  Ideally, we get all of our nutrients from the food we eat.  Ideally.  But, let’s face it, our food is not as rich in minerals and vitamins as it is when it is in it’s original form.  Between poor soil quality, transit of foods, processing, heat damage, and exposure to toxins, our food is often not up to par.  Our limited exposure to the sun without sunscreen puts us at a Vitamin D deficit.  Our soil lacks the minerals to support our bodies need for balance.

Person A supplements with omegas for brain and inflammation, magnesium, vitamin D and other vitamins that are known to be problematic.  They add superfoods to their meals as often as possible and are putting healthy things in their body while removing the potential dangerous things.

Person B poo poo’s supplements.  They think everything is a rip off.  They figure their grandfather lived to be 90 so why bother?  What they don’t realize is Grandpa did not have ingredients in his food that he cannot pronounce.

Don’t be caught in the line of fire without any protection. Unfortunately, we are in a fight for health. Sleep, stress, diet, exercise & supplementation are some of the few things of which we have control.  Be armed with these powerful tools and be the one who can help that guy next to you.  Let this area of focus be your bulletproof vest.  Whether you find yourself in the healthy seat or are just doing the best you can, do what you can to share and support the people who have not experienced how great it feels to have a strong foundation and to live in good health.


At the end of the day, it is up to you to educate yourself & to implement.  Knowing is not enough, you must act.

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