Fiber, Are You Getting Enough?

It sounds so strange to say, but I love fibrous foods.


Not just the obvious ones, or at least the ones that people assume have great fiber.  I don’t recognize I’m eating it most of the time, but getting over 30 gram a day is my minimum goal. Eating a substantial amount of vegetables a day makes it easy for me to get my daily intake.


It is estimated that less than 5% of Americans get the daily fiber as recommended.
High fiber foods help:
Guard against Cancer
Heart disease
Kidney stones
Helps support a healthy digestive tract
Keep an eye out for “faux” fibers.  These are the foods that are obviously packaged or processed, but have an extreme amount of fiber.  It’s always better to eat fresh foods, rich in nutrients.

While there are huge lists and fiber content charts, I was surprised by some of the foods I would not have associated with good fiber. The list below gives visibility to some lesser known fiber foods. They are not just high in fiber, but high in essential nutrients.
Avocado – 10.5g/cup sliced
Asian pears – 9.9g/medium
Raspberries – 8g/cup
Coconut – 7.28/cup
Figs – 14.6g/1 cup dried
Artichokes – 10.3g/medium
Split Peas – 16.3 g/cup – cooked
Okra – 8.2g/cup
Acorn Squash – 9g/cup baked
Brussel sprouts – 7.6g/cup
Broccoli – 5.1g/ cup


Notice, you don’t see processed grains as the best source as many people might believe.


There are many ways to get fiber into your diet besides indulging on a huge raw salad daily.  Sneak some chia seeds or flax into a smoothie.  Greens go nicely into a smoothie, as well.  Soups can be made of pureed vegetables, roasted vegetables, or you can simply add the puree to make a sauce!




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