What’s Not To Love About Coconut Oil?

The OTHER benefits of coconut oil…
We have heard it’s good for skin, oil pulling, cooking, recipes, you name it. BUT, have you heard about the benefits for fat burning, hormone balancing and energy boosting?
About 80% of Coconut oil is made up of MCT or medium chain triglycerides. 95% of fat in our normal diet comes from long chain triglycerides.


In my battles with insulin resistance, number one caught my eye and kept my attention!
1) Coconut oil helps to regulate or normalize blood sugar. You cannot burn fat when blood sugar and insulin are high. Coconut oil helps to normalize blood sugar by raising your bodies responsiveness to insulin.
2) Improves thyroid function by helping to regulate body temperature.
3) Fat in MCT oils contain less calories than other oils. MCT’s raise you’re metabolism because they are going straight to liver for fuel. The thermogenic effect is 3x’s greater over next 6 hours than with long chain triglycerides. It’s like the “HIIT of food”.
4) Helps to improve your cholesterol profile in 2 Ways:
Raise HDL and lowers overall cholesterol.
This is due to the lauric acid in MCT’s.
5) Energy – immediate improvement when adding coconut oil to nutrition.
6) Improves health of hair and skin.
7) Immunity – coconut oil is an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
8) Satiety – coconut oil is so energy dense, you will feel full for longer. It’s about the type of fat, not just the fat component of a meal.
Look for Organic Virgin or extra virgin & cold pressed.


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Podcast source: http://primalpotential.com/benefits-of-coconut-oil/

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